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Yarn Count




           Metric Count

Textile Balances Stand alone with out Statistics

Electronic balance with read out in standard units: grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lb), grains (GN); plus textile units: Yarn Count, Worsted,Tex, Decitex, Denier, and Metric Count. (Does not perform statistical function)

For short length samples, 1 yard (Ne) / 90 centimeter (Denier).

Model ILE-MS-A-OE-62       Capacity 62 x .0001 gram

Model ILE-MS-A-OE-110        Capacity 110 x .0001 gram

Model ILE-MS-A-OE-210     Capacity 210 x .0001 gram

For Full samples, 120 Yard (Ne) / 90 meter (Denier).

Model ILE-MS-AT-65            Capacity 65 x .0001 gram

Model ILE-MS-AT-110              Capacity 110 x .0001 gram

Model ILE-MS-AT-260           Capacity 260 x .0001 gram

Model ILE-MS-PT-51            Capacity 51 x .001 gram

Model ILE-MS-PT-210           Capacity 210 x .001 gram

Model ILE-MS-LT-210           Capacity 210 x .01 gram

Model ILE-MS-LT-2100        Capacity 2100 x .01 gram

Model ILE-MS-LT-3100        Capacity 3100 x .01 gram

Available accessories:

Internal Calibration

Thermal Printer

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