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The ILE Fabric Yield System consists of either a Metric Punch or a Circular Cutter and a Balance. The balance is programmed to read the samples created by the punch to provide a direct read out in (g/sq M).

Select either the Metric Punch or the Circular Cutter:

Metric Fabric Punch Model: ILE-FSC-600-M

Hand punch furnished with cutter die that is designed to read directly in grams per square Meter when used with 4 samples. For North American testing Standards the fabric is folded in a way that allows the 4 samples to be cut in one operation, and more important ensures the samples are taken from uniformly spaced locations throughout the fabric.

Circular Fabric Sample Cutter ILE-CFC-100

113mm diameter x 5mm cutting depth Produces 100 sq. cm samples. Complete with cutting board and 12 spare blades.

Balance Model: ILE-2-OSP-200

Electronic balance when used with the ILE-FSC-600-M or the ILE-CFC-100 reads in grams per square Meter, plus standard units: grams (g) and ounces (oz). Unit is powered by included AC adapter or batteries. Capacity 200 x .01 gram:

(200000 x 1 grams per square meter)

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