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                                                                                 Yarn Reels

ILE Skein Reels incorporate advanced design and economy into a rugged and versatile stainless steel laboratory instrument. All models provide heavy duty wrap arms with collapsible tension release for easy removal of skeins, cams to provide a constant rate of traverse to insure the yarn lies even across the fly, and digital counters to provide precision stopping.

Table Top Skein Yarn Reel

Available in Hand Operated model (picture not shown).

  • Available In 5 Or 6 Skeins
  • Includes Individual Tension Discs
  • 18 inch square base

Free Standing Single Fly Skein Yarn Reel                   

  • Available In 10 Or 12 Skeins
  • Includes Individual Tension Discs
  • 31 inch x 24 inch base                                                                  

Free Standing Dual Fly Skein Yarn Reel                            ILE-5SKRM  

  • Available In 20 Skeins
  • Includes Individual Tension Discs
  • 55 inch x 24 inch base

Model Numbers:

ILE - (# of skeins) - SKR(Motor/Hand) - (circumference of fly)

  • Specify Voltage for Motorized Units.

Fly Circumferences Available:

54                    54 inch = 1 Yard

36                    36 inch = 1 yard

1.125M            1- 1/8 Meter                                                                       

1M                   1 Meter                                                                             

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